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The prices shown are Ex factory prices excluding local taxes, delivery, insurance and registration fees. Our overseas dealers prices will fluctuate depending on the exchange rates. Please speak to your local dealer for availability.

Recommended price list from December 1 2008 Production.

Standard Models
+4 (2 seater) 2.0 Litre£25,850.00£3,877.50£29,727.50
+4 4 seater£28,465.00£4,269.75£32,734.75
4/4 Sport£22,150.00£3,322.50£25,472.50
Roadster 3.0 Litre V6£31,850.00£4,777.50£36,627.50
Roadster 4 seater 3.0 V6£34,465.00£5,169.75£39,634.75
Optional Extras
16 " Stainless steel wire wheels - Roadster models only£1,900.00£285.00£2,185.00
Alloy wheel option on +4 models.£250.00£37.50£287.50
Body coloured wire wheels (+4 only)£750.00£112.50£862.50
Stainless steel wire wheels +4£1,050.00£157.50£1,207.50
Air conditioning - Roadster models only£1,525.00£228.75£1,753.75
Blaupunkt RDS radio CD, inc. speakers, etc£265.00£39.75£304.75
Dashboard - painted to body colour (2 seater)£300.00£45.00£345.00
Dashboard in Walnut Veneer (2 seater)£325.00£48.75£373.75
Dashboard- walnut dash board & leather centre console (4 seater)£325.00£48.75£373.75
Dashboard-natural wood dashboard & centre console (4 seater)£700.00£105.00£805.00
Elasticated door pockets£250.00£37.50£287.50
Folding and Reclining Sports seats£375.00£56.25£431.25
Map reading light.£60.00£9.00£69.00
Organ type accelerator pedal£60.00£9.00£69.00
Upholstery - Coloured seat piping£150.00£22.50£172.50
Upholstery - embroidered head rests (2)£200.00£30.00£230.00
Upholstery in leather - 2 seater£1,250.00£187.50£1,437.50
Upholstery in leather - 4 seater£1,605.00£240.75£1,845.75
Badge bar£60.00£9.00£69.00
Battery conditioner - Necessary for infrequently used cars£36.00£5.40£41.10
Bonnet strap - sheepskin backed£100.00£15.00£115.00
Coloured pvc wingbeading£80.00£12.00£92.00
Door Handle delete option£65.00£9.75£74.75
Full width bumpers. Over-riders are now standard on all models.£375.00£56.25£431.25
Hard top in carbon composite - Special colour to choice, different to car colour or Royal Ivory. To fit +4 and Roadster 2 seater models.£2,475.00£371.25£2,846.25
Hard top in carbon composite. Painted body colour. Fits +4 and Roadster£1,965.00£294.75£2,259.75
Hard top in carbon composite. Painted Royal Ivory. Fits +4 and Roadster 2 seater models.£1,760.00£264.00£2,024.00
Hood - Deluxe All Weather Pack - 2 seater. Hood, tonneau, sidescreens and sidescreen bag in mohair (style)material£1,270.00£190.50£1,460.50
Hood - Deluxe All Weather Pack - 4 seater. Hood, sidescreen bag and tonneau in Mohair (style) material£1,700.00£288.00£1,955.00
Hood - Hood cover - 2 seater models£250.00£37.50£287.50
Hood - Hood cover - 4 seater£350.00£52.50£402.50
Hood - Superior All Weather Pack - 2 seater. Includes hood, tonneau, sidescreens and a side screen bag in coloured Pvc£485.00£72.75£557.75
Hood - Superior All Weather Pack - 4 seater.£670.00£100.50£770.50
Mesh Grille£100.00£15.00£115.00
Old type hood surcharge - 2 seater only£400.00£60.00£460.00
Paint - Metallic paint£500.00£75.00£575.00
Paint - Two tone paint surcharge£675.00£101.25£776.25
Paint Special paint (solid colours)£150.00£22.50£172.50
Photographic build record£145.00£21.75£166.75
Sidescreen bag (2 seater)£120.00£18.00£138.00
Spare wheel cover£110.00£16.50£126.50
Tonneau cover - mohair (2 seater)£385.00£57.75£442.75
Tonneau cover - Mohair (4 seater)£485.00£72.75£557.75
Tonneau cover - pvc (2 seater)£220.00£33.00£253.00
Tonneau cover - PVC (4 seater)£320.00£48.00£368.00
Tread Rubbers - per extra set (1 extra set +4, 1 or 2 extra sets Roadster)£55.00£8.25£63.25

Aero 8 Models
Aero 8 4.8 Manual£57,872.34£8,680.85£66,553.19
Aero 8 America. Prices are ex factory plus shipping, associated import duties and on the road charges. Includes Auto gearbox, Metallic paint, Bonnet louvres, Graphite wheels, Side exit exhausts,Leather gearknob and steering wheel and quilted upholstery.$129,950.00N/A$129,950.00
Automatic Gearbox - 6 speed ZF with manual over-ride£2,295.00£344.25£2,639.25
Optional Extras for Aero 8
Blaupunkt RDS radio CD (not USA)£320.00£48.00£368.00
Door pockets and accessories tray£250.00£37.50£287.50
Graphite coloured dashboard£295.00£44.25£339.25
Leather covered steering wheel top, gearknob and steering cowl£425.00£63.75£488.75
Raven Ash finish to dash top£150.00£22.50£172.50
Upholstery - contrasting seat piping£220.00£33.00£253.00
Upholstery - contrasting stitching£175.00£26.25£201.25
Upholstery - quilted stitch pattern£500.00£75.00£575.00
Bonnet louvres£200.00£30.00£230.00
Graphite coloured alloy wheels£425.00£63.75£488.75
Hard top - Carbon composite - body colour£2,500.00£375.00£2,875.00
Hard top - carbon composite special colour£2,700.00£405.00£3,105.00
Hood cover£250.00£37.50£287.50
Metallic Paint£440.00£66.00£506.00
Side exhaust preparation - running boards and embelisher EEC only£250.00£37.50£287.50
Side exit exhaust system fitted (certain market restrictions)£1000.00£150.00£1,150.00
Special Solid Colour£100.00£15.00£115.00
Two tone paint in special solid colours£695.00£104.25£799.25
Two tone Paintwork (standard colours)£590.00£88.50£678.50
Two tone paintwork in metallic£1,035.00£155.25£1,190.25
Webflex Car Cover for interior and exterior use (available in blue grey or green)£170.00£22.50£195.50
Photographic build record£145.00£21.75£166.75
Schedoni fitted luggage - 2 case set£846.81£127.02£973.83

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