1. How long is the waiting list?

We endeavour to deliver any Morgan worldwide within 12 months.

Contact your nearest Morgan Dealer for delivery times.

2. Is it still made with a Wooden chassis?
The Morgan car has always been built around an ash-frame , and a steel chassis. The new Aero 8 also has an ash frame. This gives unique strength, flexibility and surprisingly, research showed that the frame made the car safer on impact tests.

3. Where can I get one?
We have some 50 dealers around the world to find your most local dealer use our dealer locator.

4. Where can I arrange to have a test drive?
Your local Morgan dealer will be delighted to allow you a test drive. To find your most local dealers use our dealer locator.

5. How do I order a Morgan Motor Car?
To fix your place on the waiting list contact your local dealer. You will be asked for a non-refundable deposit of 1000 for all models. To find your most local dealer use our dealer locator.

6. Does Morgan still make three-wheelers?
All of the present Morgan range are four-wheelers. If you are interested in a three-wheeler try the used car locator or contact your most local dealer use our dealer locator.

8. Is Morgan still a Family company?
The Morgan Motor Company is still owned and run by the Morgan family as it has been since its inception in 1909. Since the sad passing of Peter Morgan, the reins have been passed to his son Mr Charles Morgan.  Charles is supported by Matthew Parkin, Steve Morris and Tim Whitworth.

9. What Colours can I have my Morgan in?

There are approx 50,000 colours to choose from in the new Glasurit paint range.

We have introduced 14 new Morgan colours of which 6 are metallic charged at the standard metallic rate.

Whitehall White, Hot Red, Claret Red, Rich Maroon, Baby Blue, Lush Green, Le Mans Green, Meadow Green, Ink Black, Harrier Black, Speeed Silver, Stingray Grey, Sunray Yellow.


10. Is there a Morgan Owners club?
Yes there is the Morgan Sports Car Club and many local clubs throughout the world. For details see our useful links.

11. Does your deposit secure eventual Price?
In view of the length of the waiting list we are not able to forecast the prices at the time of taking deposits. You will be asked to pay the published price at the time your car enters production.

12. Is there any way to jump the queue?
We are scrupulously fair in the allocation of cars to our dealers and therefore there is no 'queue-jumping'. If you want to drive a Morgan sooner why not talk to your dealer who can provide you with a previously owned Morgan whilst you wait?

13. Can I visit the Factory?
Yes. Morgan welcomes visitors to the factory during office hours. To avoid disappointment you must book your visit in advance by calling the factory on 01684-573104.

14. Did you implement Sir John Harvey Jones recommendations following his first visit?
We listened very carefully to what Sir John had to say; but we felt that Morgan is a unique situation and that our loyal customers wanted the car to remain a hand-built product. In the period since his visit we have introduced many improvements to the build process but we have stuck firmly to the principle of craftsman build quality. Where modern technology can improve the finished car without compromising this uniqueness we have made such introductions. Sir John re-visited the factory recently and he seemed very impressed with how we had advanced, without relinquishing our hand-built, quality approach to car design and build. He rode in the Aero 8 and announced himself very impressed.

16. Will Morgans be continuing with the traditional cars?
The traditional shaped cars with the full range of engines and other options will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

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