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Introducing the latest Morgan 4/4, the purest Morgan driving experience on offer and the entry level into the Morgan range. A nimble and agile drivers car, the 4/4 was introduced in 1936 and continues to be recognised as the longest running production car in the world, exciting owners around the globe for over 80 years.

Celebrating a milestone…

… 2019 marks 110 years of the Morgan Motor Company. Morgan is proudly British and continues to celebrate the art of traditional coachbuilding at their home in Malvern Link, UK.

Celebrating 110 years of driving pleasure, Morgan’s longest established model now features unique ‘110th Anniversary’ badges.

In detail…

Narrow Body

Thinner wings, wheels and tyres give the 4/4 a narrower, more traditional look. More prevalent on cars from the 1930’s, the narrow body style is synonymous with the 4/4.

Wire Wheels

Available in a range of finishes, wire wheels are a must have for any classic Morgan. A choice of stainless, black painted, silver painted or body colour wire wheels enable owners to achieve a more traditional or contemporary style.

Hand crafted body

21st Century coach building at its resounding best, as with every Morgan, the 4/4 features a lightweight hand crafted aluminium body over an ash wood frame.

Painted Dashboard

As standard, the 4/4 features a painted dashboard matching the colour of the exterior paintwork. Each dashboard is hand crafted, wooden dashboards in a choice of finishes are also available.

Technical Specs

Engine Ford Sigma 1600cc
Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed
Max Power 82 kw (110 bhp) @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque 131 Nm (97 lb/ft)
Performance 0 – 62 8.0 seconds
Top Speed 117mph (188kph)
Combined MPG 44.1 mpg (6.4 litres / 100km)
Combined Co2 143g / km
Dry weight 795kg
List price inc. VAT from £40,206.00*

*All prices are shown in pound sterling and include VAT in the UK. Tax in other markets may differ, please contact your local dealer for local market pricing and for model availability of the 4/4 in your market. Images shown may include non homologated accessories for your region.

Car Creator

Choosing the specification of your new Morgan is an exciting and creative process. Customers are welcomed to select from an almost infinite range of colours and specification options, creating their dream Morgan and personalising it to their individual tastes. Be it more traditional or more contemporary, each new Morgan built is a true one off. Configure your new Morgan and notify your nearest Morgan Dealership via our online car configurator.


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