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Motor Car Wins…Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 1901

In 1901 H.F.S. was apprenticed to two of the greatest railway engineers of the period, William Dean and George Jackson Churchward, Chief Engineers of the G.W.R. Railway Works at Swindon. Once he had completed his apprenticeship, he worked briefly in the G.W.R Swindon drawing office and thus having made a modest contribution to the history of steam he left the G.W.R. in December 1904. During his time at Swindon, Harry bought his first car, a 1902 Eagle tandem (Photo 2), which was replaced in June 1904, by a Little Star, a well built machine from the Star Motor Company in Wolverhampton. He soon realised that his loyalties were divided between the locomotive and the motor car. The motor car won!

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