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In this, the 65th year of Plus 4 production, Morgan are pleased to announce the AR P4. Since 1950, the exhilarating Morgan +4 has been the mainstay of Morgan production and to celebrate this, a strictly limited run of 50 will be built. Each hand assembled and tuned by Morgan’s experienced AR Motorsport technicians. With enhanced on-road performance and driver comfort in mind, each car embraces a powerful Cosworth two litre engine, new interior and an extended list of standard features.

SPAX  Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Performance parts include Spax adjustable front and rear shock absorbers, these can be set up by the driver depending on how they intend to use the car, be it spirited road use, more relaxed touring or track.

2.0 Litre Cosworth Engine

A special car requires a special engine, one that has been developed to give drivers the ultimate driving experience. Cosworth, famous for over 50 years of racing success at all levels, provide their 2.0 litre engine for the ARP4. Developing 225bhp, the ARP4 is the most powerful production Plus 4 ever built.

AR Motorsport Improved Braking

Increased braking efficiency for this new model comes courtesy of a full AR Motorsport braking system. This new system has been constructed specifically to cope with the higher performance of the Morgan ARP4 and features discs all around, vented at the front.

Yokohama Tyres

The ADO 48R tyre is Yokohama’s fastest tyre yet, coupled with new Image lightweight 16” x 7” 5 stud wheels.

Rear Suspension

The ARP4 features a totally new rear suspension configuration. Proven on the racetrack in the ARV6, the new AR Motorsport developed 5 link suspension offers improved handling, smoother power delivery and an overall more controlled ride. The new suspension has allowed for the removal of leaf springs, which in turn benefits occupants with increased leg room.

Aluminium Bulkhead and Valances

Using aluminium rather than steel for the bulkhead, valances and floor panels helps to save weight from the car and improves rigidity. The chassis, bulkhead and valances are also painted in red to distinguish the car as being part of the AR Motorsport family of vehicles.

The ARP4 would not belong to the AR Motorsport family if it did not offer significantly more performance than a standard Morgan. As such, a large range of upgrades compliment the 225bhp Cosworth 2.0 litre. Each one of the 50 cars will be setup by an AR Motorsport race technician, ensuring that the investment in performance parts for each vehicle is transformed into a more capable and exhilarating car both on road and track. Further changes over the standard Plus 4 include an all-new suspension, the addition of adjustable shock absorbers, a new braking system, a different axle ratio and a revised chassis.

Of paramount importance when undertaking the ARP4 project was to ensure that it not only performs exceptionally, but is also useable. As such, the ARP4 has received a myriad of changes over standard production Morgans. Soundproofing in the hood and throughout the body of the car ensures a reduction in road and wind noise and an improvement in NVH. A redesigned dashboard distinguishes the car and also offers improved usability for the driver. LED lights all round offer better road visibility, ensuring the ARP4 is further suited for long distance touring.

LED Lights

LED lights all around ensure that the driver has increased visibility in poor road conditions; these can be further enhanced by the optional LED spot lights that can be fitted to the front of the car.

Improved Sound System

An upgraded 4.1 sound system covers all corners of the car. Calibrated for optimal delivery across the whole frequency range your music will be clear and punchy. With AUX input, volume control and bass level easily accessible within the glovebox.

New Dash Layout

A new interior and IP layout focuses on enhancing driver interaction.

New Dash configuration

A new interior and IP layout focuses on enhancing driver interaction.

Rear Diffuser and Exhaust

The new rear diffuser resolves underbody airflow resulting in increased performance. Twin tip exhausts are housed centrally.

Rear Panel

Domed rear panel adds volume to rear panel whilst saluting the infamous race cars from Morgan history’s books.

Exposed Aluminium and Luxury Materials

Functional and exposed lightweight aluminium panel work is softened with luxury materials at each point of contact.

Aesthetically the AR P4 pushes the boundaries of the traditional Classic. The initial brief; to create a sports car that positions performance, experience and driver convenience above all else.   The challenge for the styling being; to echo the suggestion of modern performance and function but maintain the appeals of on-road classic motoring. The ARP4 achieves this by sticking to the use of Morgan’s core materials; Handcrafted Ash wood, aluminium and leather. However, by altering the mix of how these are applied gives an entirely new and exciting impression.  Aluminium panels are left untrimmed and exposed adding to the sense of lightweight performance, whilst rich Box weave carpets celebrate the leather and reintroduce comfort, detail and luxury.  Contrasting colours selected from the AR motorsport brand pantones, provide a striking and modern visual, whilst  high levels of detailing ensure the result isn’t brash. In answer to the initial brief; the ARP4’s really is form follows function.

Standard Specification


  • Choice of 5 leather colours:
    • Imperial
    • Black
    • Stone
    • Mineral
    • Cuba


  • Box weave carpet trim in choice of 4 colours:
    • Red
    • Oatmeal
    • Dark Grey
    • Black


  • Choice of AR Motorsport standard paint colours:
    • Matt Creme Weiss
    • Matt Silver Satin
    • Matt Black
    • Matt Meteor Red

standard matte paint

  • Bulkhead, valances and chassis painted in red
  • Bonnet scoop
  • Flush fit petrol cap
  • Domed rear panel
  • Rear under tray with diffuser
  • Full LED front and rear lights
  • Black A pillars and side screens
  • Aluminium floor panels
  • Aluminium bulkhead
  • Aluminium door panels with leather door pull
  • AR motorsport detailing throughout
  • AR motorsport stickers in black or silver
  • Black anodized chassis rail covers
  • Bespoke gearshift and handbrake embellishers
  • Black Union Jack badge
  • Footwell lighting


  • Relocated handbrake
  • New design easy access mounting petrol tank
  • Bespoke AR Plus 4 dashboard in black
  • 4.1 sound system
  • Dual lined 20 second hood
  • Soundproof lining throughout



  • Cosworth 2.0l 225bhp engine
  • Autophoretic coated chassis
  • Image lightweight 16” x 7” 5 stud wheels in matt black
  • Yokohama 225/55/16 AD08R tyres
  • AR Motorsport developed 5 link suspension
  • 3:9:1 ratio rear axle
  • AR Motorsport braking system
  • Spax adjustable shock absorbers front and rear
  • Front valance with brake cooling ducting
  • Birchill sports exhaust system

Price from £54,995 inc VAT + OTR

*images are for demonstration purposes only / colours and options may differ. Please see your local dealer for accurate swatches

Optional Extras

  • Power steering
  • Red brake callipers
  • LED spot lamps
  • Spare wheel
  • Choice of gloss black or silver wheels
  • Choice of 4 extra paint colours
    • Gloss AR Prosecco
    • Gloss GT Silver
    • Gloss Black
    • Gloss Meteor Red

cost paint

  • Removable steering wheel
  • Tonneau Cover

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