The Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports model was introduced late in 1961, offering arguably the best price-for-performance value available at that time. Its lightweight aluminum body provided crisp handling in a design reminiscent of the great, fully fendered sports cars of the 1930s.

Between 1961 and 1968, only 104 of the English-made, aluminium-bodied Super Sports were produced with Triumph TR4A-engines. Of the 95 two-seat cars built for sports car competition in the U.S. and abroad, 50 carried the low-bodied roadster coachwork.

The original Baby Doll V is famous in Morgan circles. It was ordered from the factory in the spring of 1962 by Lew Spencer, a well-known Southern California Sports Car Club of America member and local Morgan dealer. The car was to be his ultimate Morgan racecar; a sleek, low-body successor to Baby Doll IV, the car with which he won the 1962 SCCA C-production National Championship.

The amazing Morgan Baby Dolls are accomplished "giant killers" in historic circles, where they have regularly beaten small-block Corvettes, Porsches, Abarths and Jaguar E-types, despite their smaller-displacement engines.

Morgan is now proud to introduce the next evolution - Baby Doll VI


Two colour options Kingfisher Blue white stripes /Westminster Green yellow stripes

+4 chassis / bespoke body (with spare wheel hole cover)
250bhp Omex engine racing clutch / Mazda gearbox
Oil cooler
Sports exhaust system (repackable silencer, 200 cell cat)
Gaz adjustable dampers
4.1 LSD ratio axle
Frt & Rear disc brakes (including anti tramp bars) road legal
Brake re-action bars (new type, details to follow)
Panhard rod
Roadster Alloy wheels
Yokohama A048 205/60/15
Roll bar (new product, RHD or LHD with side impact bars)
Fire Extinguisher (electric)
Foot rest (over extinguisher)
Battery Cut off switch
Inertia bypass (on bulkhead)
Rain light
Ali floor pans (under seats)
Tillett carbon race seats with Aero Racing logo on headrest
Harnesses (4 POINT)
Removable steering wheel
New dash/ dials / switches
2 Aero Screens
9 Stud hood, with old type pillars (or new quick release ones) snap connector for wiring
Reduced sill trims
Front air duct (undertray)
Baby Doll badge on back panel

Cost Options

Larger race ready brake calipers and pads (full race spec not road legal)
4.33:1 diff
Silver Minilite 7j wheels 3 eared spinners
Spot Lamps
High Roll Cage

55,000 inc VAT (+ on the road costs)

No warranty on engine due to race tuning

Final specification to be confirmed - subject to change

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