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Morgan Motor Company and Friday Beer introduce the latest range of Morgan beer

Following the huge success of the first range of Morgan Ale, the Morgan Motor Company and Friday Beer Co. are delighted to introduce a unique pilsner style craft lager to the range.

No. 29 Pils joins the previous range of Morgan Ale and is now available to purchase online exclusively through ‘Beer Hunter’.  The success of the Morgan Ale gift sets, available since February 2017, have led both local companies to expand the range and source an online supplier.

‘We are delighted to be introducing a new range of pilsner style craft lager to the already successful range between Morgan and Friday Beer. This is a great example of two local companies working together and we hope that many Morgan owners all around the world can enjoy a glass or two during the Christmas period.’

- Steve Morris, Managing Director

Morgan Motor Co.No.29 Pils is a unique pilsner style craft lager brewed by the Friday Beer Co using the world-famous Malvern Spring Water. This Czech style of pilsner is particularly special because of the smooth texture brought to it by the use of one of the world’s purest spring waters. The No.29 Pils is a bright, pale golden lager brewed using traditionally flavoured malts and European hops. The brew is fermented at a low temperature with a genuine lager yeast and cold conditioned for several weeks before bottling. Unusually for a lager, a small percentage of malted oats is included along with the barley. This results in a particularly complex and satisfying malt profile in the flavour. This unique craft-lager offers a fabulously refreshing alternative to many other lagers. Served chilled, it is great with food or on its own.

Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale 3.0% ABV is full of flavour and very easy to drink this dark ale recipe is a classic in the making. Based on the concept of the Mild Ale, this modern version is a session-ale and is equally good on its own or accompanying food. The 3% ABV of this Dark Mild Ale denotes the number of wheels on the unique 3 Wheeler.

Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale 4.8% ABV is based on a traditional British bitter this amber coloured ale is delicious and has been given a small twist. The recipe combines a variety of hops with grain to produce first class ale, whilst a touch of Rye malt gives it a slightly spicy edge with notes of honey. This beer will surprise and delight your taste buds in equal measure. The 4.8% ABV of this Rye Ale reflects the 4.8 V8 engine that powers the Aero 8.

Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale 4.4% ABV is a vibrant blend of malted barley, oats and wheat gives this pale ale a higher malt profile than expected from its colour and strength. The careful selection of the hops and yeast has contributed to its aromas and complexity. Some tasters may detect hints of pineapple, blackcurrant or toast. This ale can be drunk chilled and is a perfect drink for a summer’s day. Like the other Ales in the collection, the 4.4% ABV has been chosen to celebrate and signify the iconic 4/4 model.

Both Morgan and Friday Beer would like to make clear that the official Morgan Ale is not to be consumed in any measure alongside driving, and is strictly only for those over 18 years old.

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