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The Balvenie and the Morgan Motor Company have built a partnership based on shared values of craftsmanship and a belief in doing things the right way. As part of this, The Balvenie commissioned a Morgan 4-Seat Roadster to be built and to tour the United Kingdom.

At first glance one would struggle to identify similarities between a whisky company and a car company, not so in the case of Morgan and The Balvenie. The handcrafted and bespoke nature in which each company manufactures their products, the long heritage of each company and the fact that both are still family owned are just three of the similarities that have brought about this exciting collaboration.

Located in Dufftown on Speyside, in Scotland, The Balvenie distillery still crafts whisky using traditional methods. The 123 year old company continue to grow their own barley and keep faith with a traditional malting floor, the last of its kind in the Scottish highlands. Their resident coppersmith maintains the stills and a team of coopers ensure each barrel is in perfect condition. The world famous Balvenie whisky is sold all over the world, including the USA where there are already a number of Balvenie Morgans. Those Morgans are being used in a unique and quintessentially British way and have proven to be a popular method of transporting The Balvenie whisky all over the country to the thrill of their customers.

This new collaboration has produced the first Balvenie Morgan for the UK, a 3.7 litre V6 Roadster 4-seater. The beautiful Ivory and Tan combination, subtle detailing and iconic Morgan shape have already proven popular at various Balvenie and Morgan events, and will continue to delight the crowds.

The Balvenie have produced a short video showing just how their new vehicle was hand crafted, exploring the Morgan Motor Company and the people responsible for the world famous British sports cars. Allow the craftsmen and women at the factory in Malvern to take you behind the scenes and hear more about the  similarities between the two companies, as told by The Balvenie Ambassador, James Buntin.

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